California girl in Provence

I live in the Luberon Valley in a small hillside village. The region is well known for its perched ancient villages, rustic aesthetic, and incredible antiques. I love the history and the simple weathered beauty of this rich and diverse part of Europe, shaped and influenced by so many crossing cultures. It is hard not to be inspired everywhere you look.

La Vie en Pastis represents the spirit of the place I live. Old and crumbling in parts, with a natural, weathered beauty. The rustic building facades, the pale warmth of the limestone and the beautiful sculptural forms created by that famous proven├žal light. They all come together to give a feeling of natural effortless beauty. When I choose my pieces I look for this same spirit, simple shapes, subtle hues, sculptural forms that stand alone on their own and of course a few flaws and a patina that tells of a history. All these elements give a special depth to a piece and for me this is so much better than something new.

I frequent the local flea-markets, known as vide-grenier, going on all year long throughout the region. This allows me to change it up and travel to different places in search of something new and special. I tend to stick with this traditional type of flea-market rather than antique fairs or brocantes, as I find there is more spirit and fun in truly unearthing a gem from the junk than sorting through the already polished finds. My goal is to salvage lost treasures, highlight there simple aged beauty and give them a new place in our modern world.

The name of my shop came organically from the Edith Piaf song La Vie en Rose. My mom played her music when I was growing up and she has been a constant in my life. This mixed with the quintessentially Proven├žal drink Pastis, its beautiful creamy, slightly antiqued color when you add just the right amount water, perfectly represents the subtle hues of Southern France. La Vie en Pastis is a symbol of the rich heritage, warm convivial spirit, and Joie de Vivre of my new French home, Provence.

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